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Thai Herbal Massage

Thai Herbal Massage Ball is a much used since ancient times, is one of the traditional massage tools. This helps to relieve muscle aches and tension. Also energizes tired muscles after strenuous activity. steamed with herbs, essential features of a relaxing massage ball, stretch ligaments and muscle pain, joint stiffness, and reduce decay. Also supports healthy blood circulation. With more than twenty types of herbs such as the Plain which is active in reducing muscle sprain and bumps can serve, Tumeric oil as well as firming and soothing skin, skin problems can be solved. Kaffir Lime will decrease dizziness, Cryptolepis Buchannai Roem reduce muscle tension and relaxation may result in mind. In addition, Curcuma aromatica Salisb by bumps and bruises will be healed. Patchouli and Camphor will relieve the symptoms of cardiovascular and again to revive the cold. Also, people will feel comfortable with the smell of lemon grass is soft.

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