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The treatment is not only for those who are keen on coffee. This treatment includes coffee peeling and coffee whole body wrap; peeling and wrap is accompanied with a relaxing head and foot massage. The whole treatments ends with a body care with a cosmetic peeling…
Most fashionmongers and celebrities take peeling procedures before they go to the solarium to properly get ready for peeling procedure. It is worth doing for after peeling the tan lies evenly and splendidly. The same, peeling is considered as the first stage prior to other cosmetic methods as wrapping procedure or masks, either as the preparation phase of the program on modeling body contours, rejuvenation procedure and detoxication of the organism. If you struggle with excess weight and cellulite, peeling is a necessary stage for you.

You only multiple the efficancy of the major procedure. Peeling with an appropriate diet is the perfect technique to get rid of excess weight, cellulite and rough skin. You may evaluate the result of the procedure at first visit, you see how your skin lifts and gets pinky. It is happy!

You are also welcome to try coffee peeling at home, and you only need some grind coffee or coffee-grounds. The scrub will be more effective if you add some cream or cosmetic milk to the coffee since the skin is more sensitive to pure coffee, anyway. The best option is some olive oil to add to coffee. For oily skin type you may use blend of coffee with liquid soap or shower gel, kind of unique Body Scrub, natural one. Apply the mixture to the skin with light round strokes and rinse under running water in a while.

However, bear in mind that coffee peeling is not recommended when you have malignant neoplasms, skin injuries, acute inflammatory and infectious diseases, chronic dermatitis in acute form, parasitic and dermatophytid, allergic dermatitis, reaction to the components of the peeling agents. In case you want the procedure in any way, seek for the professional advice of the specialist. Strong contraindication to coffee peeling is pregnancy and period of lactation.

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